The past week has been nice and uneventful, my favorite type of week. The view out the back window is still breathtaking, and we’re just fine with the snow staying in Utah.We took a picnic lunch to the neighborhood park in between conference sessions last Saturday. The only table was inside the dog-park fence – a little out of my comfort zone – but everything was fine and we had a great little break.For the first time ever (if I’m recalling correctly), all the boys got to go to the Priesthood session of conference together. They knew I’d want a picture of this historic event. Thanks Cody!We’re still trying new recipes. Wayne made Collard Green Soup and we tried some bread from the book Elizabeth told us about. It would have helped if I’d read the “Day 2” instructions earlier in the day (let’s just say the rising times were off) but it was still delicious. And there was plenty of extra dough to make a yummy pizza later.And, finally, all of the items on the garage workbench are hanging on the wall. There are even some empty peg hooks! Now it’s time to open the next box and figure out what to do with it.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!