Yesterday in church we sat in back of a family with three little boys, and I was reminded of this article that someone sent me after the birth of our third son. I’m not so sure I agree with all of the statements, and maybe adding two more sons and a daughter changed the dynamics, but I remember drawing encouragement to endure from this little statement and thought someone else might enjoy it as well. Besides, it was a good excuse to share these cute/handsome pictures! Sorry, but I have no idea what the original source is.

Three Sons
“There must be a special place in heaven for mothers of three sons. You certainly can tell them on earth. They’re those ladies with amused, bemused faces and an amazing tolerance for disaster – for they have learned that shouting doesn’t help.

“No other combination of children, not even twins, can create so much chaos or camaraderie. Even the most introspective child will join the team – them against you – and like all good players, they encourage each other to bigger feats of daring.

“We recommend the advice of so many successful mothers of three boys. Give them as much outdoor playtime as possible, and indoors, set up two rooms: one for sleeping, with nothing but beds and bureaus, and the other for playing, with much climbing equipment. With three children, one is bound to be quieter than the others and he probably will need a corner somewhere else.

“You will be frazzled in the early years but when your boys grow up, we think you’ll find yourself perhaps more treasured than most other mothers.”

Edited 2016 – Starting off with three boys runs in the family!
Generation 1:

My dad (on the right) was one of three sons.

Generation 2:

Wayne was the oldest of three boys in three years, followed by a sister 10 years later.

Generation 3:

Our oldest three sons – ready for church in 1989.

Generation 4:

Our current Pennsylvania grandsons.