It must be because the youth camps are scheduled for June, but there haven’t been any Saturday church activities on our calendar this month, even the youth temple trip is on Mutual night this time around. So, while each one is taking less time, we had another stay-cation this weekend. We’re so grateful to live in this beautiful part of our wonderful world.

Beach Access #41

Unlike our outing in November, which was just before the end of daylight savings so we didn’t have to wake up super early, this week we’re near the longest day of the year. That meant an early alarm, but it was worth it.

Normally we have the beach to ourselves. This time, though, there was a small group of teenagers who had dug a hole and were taking pictures. It looked like they were creating and filming a movie scene. They picked a beautiful day to do so.

We think this might have been the prettiest sunrise yet!

It was a super calm day. That meant there were a few no-see-ums around (not a big deal because we remembered to take bug spray), but it also meant the ocean was very smooth. Warm water, warm air, beautiful day, super relaxing!

We even had front row seats to our own personal one-entry parade.

As I mentioned last week, it’s not a true vacation unless a restaurant meal is involved, so before driving home we stopped for breakfast at our favorite beach cafe, where no one is allowed to be crabby!