Yesterday was filled with projects, but so have the other days of this week. Monday’s projects were in the garage. The floor needed “etching” in preparation for new paint.And the walls needed some fresh paint as well. We even painted the odd cement pole and the base for the air handler. (We also want to cover up the drips on the side with a new coat of gray paint – any idea on what type to use on metal?)Then while we left Jeff home on Tuesday to paint that garage door (he did a terrific job) and do some other miscellaneous things, Michelle accompanied Steven to Brandon so he could mow the lawn and she could sit in an empty house.Wednesday’s project was painting the garage floor, or at least half of it.This was a job that had to be done before the temperature reached 85° so we were finished early.That left some time to check the computer and find cute pictures like this one. Evelyn looks like her daddy in this pose!And this week we finally finished doing something with all of these boxes in the kitchen.

It looks much nicer now!

We’ll see how long we can keep it looking like this.