Flashback Friday
Our Homes – #5
When I planned these posts a month ago, I thought I’d be caught up enough with the moving process to elaborate more on the memories associated with these next couple of places. Wishful thinking!

Anyway, once we were expecting our third child, we decided it was time to look for a 3-bedroom apartment. We found one in a four-plex at the end of a cul-de-sac in Riverdale, Utah. You’ll notice that it backed up to the freeway, really just a freeway entrance where I-84 and I-15 meet. That provided the setting for one of the more memorable adventures that occurred while we were living there (you’ll need to ask Weston for details). We moved in December 1987, just in time to celebrate David’s 3rd birthday. Brad was born a few months later, and Jeff a couple of years after that.You can imagine the fun we had with four little boys, and the many teaching opportunities that arose. Here Weston and David are cleaning up the mess after spilling the sugar canister, and learning how to change the water in the goldfish bowl. I can also remember Brad helping can apricots, Wayne buying his first drill so we could repair the hole in the wall (and put in a stronger door stop), stopping the flood in the bedroom because someone wanted to help water the back lawn, and helping Weston create a “one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple, people-eater” costume. If I took more time, I could probably fill a whole book with great memories.

The hill in the vacant lot next door provided hours of entertainment for little boys, all year round. We loved our ward and our bishop and the opportunities we were given to serve.

After three years, the time was right to be done with apartment living and start looking for a home to buy, so we did. It was tough leaving all the friends we had made, though, and we’ll never forget our wonderful experiences in Riverdale.