Flashback Friday
Our Homes – #2

After a year in downtown Provo, a spot in Wymount Terrace became available and we moved to 10B-574 in North Wymount in August 1983.

Our apartment was on the top floor, up a flight of concrete steps, memorable because Weston fell down them once and I felt like an absolutely terrible mother for allowing that to happen. Another day, after a rainstorm, I remember letting him play happily in the puddle at the bottom; that got quite a few comments from our neighbors, but it’s a fond memory.

Here Weston had his first birthday, took his first steps, and helped us with our homework. I guess the walls were thin, because I also remember his nightly crying bothering the neighbors. It’s a good thing he eventually outgrew that. After a year living here, both Wayne and I graduated and it was time to move on just after Thanksgiving in 1984. Weston had a blast “helping” move by climbing in the empty cupboards!