Flashback Friday
Our Homes – #4

Our next apartment was another townhome, this time near the mouth of Ogden Canyon. This one had three levels: an unfinished basement with the laundry hookups and plenty of room for little boys to expend energy in the cold of winter, the main level with a nice-sized kitchen and living room, and a couple of bedrooms on the top floor. Because we had learned our lesson about expensive electric heat, we tried to find something we liked with gas heating. It turned out that wasn’t possible, but at least this place had controls in every room. There were times when we’d “live” just in the boys’ bedroom. In the warm summer months we spent a lot of time outside on the grassy field, and even planted a small garden outside the kitchen patio. We lived here for a couple of years; it was the perfect place for our little family at that time.