Flashback Friday
Home #3 – Clearfield

A couple of weeks before David was born, we moved to an apartment in Clearfield, Utah so Wayne could start work at IOMEGA. Because we didn’t know whether we were having a boy or girl, we found a three bedroom townhome. The stairs to the second level were open and without a railing, which was a bit scary, but at least they were carpeted; fortunately, they didn’t cause any emergency room incidents.

Because the apartment had washer and dryer hookups, we were able to buy our own; it was great not having to make the trek to a laundromat with two babies. We learned the hard way that electric heat is expensive, so one of our not-so-memorable memories of this place is being cold! We were in a ward with lots of young families in their first homes; noticing the trials caused by home repairs and large mortgages helped convince us to wait a long time before buying our own first house.

One other neat thing about living in Clearfield relates to family history; my mom was born in Clearfield and attending Clearfield High School before moving to California. She was baptized in the same building where we attended church each week. And as I’d do errands, I’d drive by my great-grandmother’s house. However, in spite of those fond memories, we had a terrible landlord, so when our lease was up, we started looking for a new place. By this time Weston was two and David was standing and beginning to walk.