Flashback Friday
Our Homes – #1

Because this summer we’re moving again, I thought it would be a neat Friday Flashback series to remember each of the places we’ve lived. Our first apartment was in Provo on the corner of 500 North and 500 West, a little bit of a walk to the BYU campus, but still definitely do-able. We had an end unit on the middle floor. Trying to find someplace to live was one of our first challenges as a couple; this was before the days of internet research, or even inexpensive long-distance phone calls. My mom and I took one day out of our family vacation to Utah and did all the legwork to choose this one-bedroom apartment. It didn’t have air conditioning (which led to our receiving the gift of a “necessary luxury” – a fan), but it did have running water. During the year we lived here, we went to school, worked, started our family traditions and welcomed our first baby. Needless to say, it was an eventful year and we have a lot of fond memories of the time spent here.