Slowly, but surely, I’m making progress with recording memories of Michelle’s wedding, and we’ve finally made it to the wedding day itself. Hayden and Michelle chose an early time for their sealing, and that’s okay, because we’re morning people. Maybe they wanted to rethink that decision when the backwards timeline meant a super early hair and makeup appointment, but it all worked out. Thanks to Hayden’s aunt for volunteering to be the beautician.

Then it was off to the temple. Do you think maybe she was a bit happy to be getting married?

I’m sure you know how it works. While the bride and groom are busy in the temple, family members and friends gather outside.

Michelle was actually quite speedy, and she and Hayden ended up having to wait not only for her photographer, but also while the bride and groom before them had their turn for pictures. I think there were over 20 marriages at the Provo City Center Temple that day. (That’s what I get for waiting too long to record this! Maybe Michelle will remember the actual number and we’ll correct this.)


Then it’s time for hugs and more hugs, and even more pictures!

After a bit we needed to make room for the next wedding party, so we traipsed around to the other side of the temple.

I’m not exactly sure why Hayden and Michelle didn’t go together, but I love these pictures of them with her brothers. I’d love to know what sage advice they were sharing during the short walk.

to be continued . . .

Happy 4 Month Anniversary!!