Once again I’m reading the war chapters in the Book of Mormon, and so I thought I’d also try reading some articles to help me get more out of them. This seemed to be a good place to record them so I can find them again.

“Men of Peace in a Time of War” by Eugene England (my BYU Freshman English professor)

“From Weak to Strong” by Scott Shepherd

“Lessons for Today” by Elder Paul B. Pieper

“Exceedingly Valiant for Courage” by David A. Bednar (a BYU-I commencement address)

“Righteous Warriors” by John Bytheway (video of a BYU Education Week talk)


This excerpt really has nothing to do with the topic, but I want to remember it, so I’m copying it. In this excerpt, can’t you just feel the love and concern Elder Bednar (before he was Elder Bednar) had (and, I’m sure, still has) for his students?

Now, I want to conclude on a personal note. Sister Bednar and I love you. We have so much enjoyed visiting with you on campus and in your apartments, participating with you in home evenings, talking about your challenges and opportunities, answering your questions, and becoming better acquainted. We are going to miss you. And we would love to hear from you; please be sure to let us know about the things that are happening in your lives.