There’s always something interesting to see when you’re traveling more than a few miles.  This time it was a helicopter being towed on a trailer, along with the usual road signs outside and sleeping kids inside.

We decided to take a small detour to southern Virginia so that Jeff could say hello to Aunt Holly, and Steven could say good-bye.  Holly still loves her purple room!  (That’s her in the back waving to you all.)

We even managed to get “cousin” picture.

Steven, Jeff, Michelle, Shane, Nicole, Phillip
Holly’s been working hard at improving her swimming skills.  We all went along so she could show them to us.  I was impressed with the fancy machine that helps her get into the water.

 And even more impressed with her walking, swimming, and breathing skills.

Afterwards we went back home for a wonderful brunch before heading off to the campground.  Thanks, Mom and Dad for a wonderful morning.  Maybe next time we’ll be able to stay longer!