As hard as it may be to believe, our Thanksgiving weekend activities involved more than just eating and playing with grandchildren.  Instead of participating in “Black Friday” shopping, we had (as someone else called it) a “White Friday.”  I’m glad there was no snow involved.  Instead, we spent the morning at the Jordan River Temple. 
(While there I had the sad realization that my 2,000-mile temple visits closely approached the number of 200-mile temple visits for 2012.  One more year until the 50-mile trip will be an option; we can hardly wait!)
We continued the family history theme in the afternoon by going to the library in Salt Lake. Unfortunately, it was a bit frustrating.  I guess Grandma Agnes is in no hurry to help us find her parents.
We loved spending time with our children, but it was also nice to have brief visits with some brothers and sisters.  
Aunt Julie has some pretty neat toys at her house.

But Evelyn was still mostly fascinated with searching for the baby.  Can you believe he slept through all of the  hide-and-seek game?

Richard’s family
Hopefully, one of these years our trips will be long enough so we can include visits to cousins and friends, too.  Until then, know that we waved to you on our way to the airport!

 Now, on to December and the marvelous, magical Christmas season – another reason for giving thanks!!