Two down, one to go – at least for this trip.  This was actually the first time I got to help one of the boys move into their apartment; every other year we’ve sent them off on their own.  It’s nice to have an idea of where Jeff will be living for the next eight months.
And I got to see where Brad works as well.
Once everyone was settled, it was time for some final good-bye photos, at least for Provo.
We wish our houses were just a bit closer to each other!
Enjoy your semester!!!
It was nice to be able to spend just a bit more time with the non-students, but even that had to come to an end eventually. We can hardly wait until the next visit!
Flying may be just as tedious and tiring as driving, but at least it’s a bit quicker, even with storm delays.
And now that all our wonderful children are launched out into the world, it’s time to start some new adventures of our own. We’re looking forward to it!!