The day after Thanksgiving this year was super cold, even frigid – under 30 degrees – but that didn’t stop us from taking our traditional hike. Weston’s family joined us this year. That meant we hiked at the speed of a five year old, but we did it, and there wasn’t even any whining or complaining. Surprisingly, the cold, but dry, weather made our surroundings gorgeous. Have you even seen such beautiful flocked trees?
The start of the hike! 

Made it to the junction!

Wilburn Ridge with the Wise Shelter (on the Appalachian Trail) in Grayson Highlands State Park
We didn’t have time to do the entire 2150 miles, so turned around at the park boundary. But that was the plan.
Actually, I went about another 50 feet to check out the stream we heard from the fence. Isn’t it beautiful?

Our hiking buddies!

Made it back to the car!

Any idea what this plant is? It looks a little like mini pine trees, but was a ground cover of some sort.