For Thanksgiving this year we hopped on a plane to go visit our kids in Utah.  Since the most logical itinerary involved flying on Thanksgiving morning, that meant we didn’t have to lift a finger for our dinner.  The kids all pitched in and did a marvelous job on their own.  Many hands make light work!!
Isn’t it nice that a traditional Thanksgiving meal has so many options available to babies and toddlers?  The rolls and yams were a great hit with everyone.


Because high chairs sit off to the side, we were all able to gather around one table.  Even baby Sam was awake to join us for part of the meal.  (He’ll have to wait until next year for his rolls and yams.)

The food was delicious, but I think my favorite part was seeing a place set for Elder Steven.  He couldn’t be with us physically, but he was definitely in everyone’s thoughts.

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Be sure to stay tuned, because the turkey and stuffing and pies were just the beginning of a marvelous weekend.