of #1) this beautiful piece of paradise we call home,

#2) a good deal,**

and #3) the opportunity to let someone else do the cooking for 24 hours!

I love waking up to the sound of waves crashing, and a windy day just makes them more noticeable. We had a wonderful little weekend getaway, and now we’re excited to finish preparing for Christmas!
** Wayne’s company’s holiday dinner was at the Ritz-Carlton and they made arrangements to have a group discount for any employee who wanted to book a room that night. Since that hotel is on our list of “places to stay in Palm Beach County” we decided to take advantage of the offer. It was still expensive, but at least less expensive than if we had decided to wait for it to come up in order. I’m still impressed that my wonderfully systematical husband decided to skip down to it and still let it count. Maybe I am rubbing off on him just a bit.