July 13

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1986: gorgeous rainbow - fill out MBA application2003: David ordained an elder by Wayne - helps out with first blessing [...]

June 23

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1979: Becky takes ACT1984: 6 mile hike below Timpanogos - LaBelle's company picnic1987: Wayne starts MBA1997: day camp starts2002: Weston's [...]

June 6

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1986: Becky hurts thumb in ward softball game1998: lay sod in Antioch backyard2001: Brad takes dinner to Whitesel's - "the [...]

May 29

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1985: visit Golden Spike Monument2004: another Saturday of yard work - rake leaves, weed, trim trees2005: Steven completes "Faith in [...]

May 22

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1986: visit Washington D.C. and the Lincoln Memorial1989: interviews with Micron in Boise1993: install sprinklers in South Weber yard1999: Weston's [...]

May 8

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1983: Wayne & Becky give Mother's Day talks in sacrament meeting1984: piano arrives1989: David hits car lights with rock2003: David [...]

May 2

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1994: interviews in Oakland with Clorox1997: Steven and Michelle to McDonald's for lunch with Dad during MTAC meeting1998: finish installing [...]

February 17

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1992: cousin Aislynn Beckstrand born1994: positive pregnancy test - Weston wins Geography Bee and receives award (world map and savings [...]

February 15

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1982: Burger King and rollerskating date1997: can't find bolts for retaining wall1998: eliminate electronics on Sundays2003: David loses both matches [...]

February 14

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1982: Dad's "interview" with Wayne1985: Wayne called as Elder's quorum secretary in Clearfield1988: speak in Sacrament Meetings - Weston sings [...]