January 27

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1994: Steven learns to crawl (7 months)1999: Elder Neal A. Maxwell - "We have immortal souls dealing with immortal issues [...]

January 26

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1985: buy washer and dryer - no more laundromats1990: take Jeff to Weston's first grade class for "show and tell" [...]

January 23

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1990: Brad to baby Jeff - "Hold him?"1995: David kicks hole in wall when mad2002: David pins wrestling opponent - [...]

January 19

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1984: Weston's crying wakes up neighbors1987: Weston cleans room - "Now I can make a mess." - cleans room again1997: [...]

January 14

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1988: David falls out of high chair2001: Steven attends baptism fireside, part 2 (Tina Thompson's baptism)2006: Bloomingdale wins Land O' [...]

January 13

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1985: David's blessing day1986: phone call about job with PACCAR in Bellevue, Washington1991: stake conference - President Carl Cook gives [...]

January 11

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1982: Becky sees "Slipper and the Rose" with Alison and Steve2004: recall story of youth teaching Elisha getting eaten by [...]

January 7

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1985: cousin Ray Sprague born1996: Jeff gives scripture in Primary - "And his arm is stretched out still" (Isaiah 9:12).2005: [...]