March 15

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2004: Steven goes with David and elders to teach discussion to Taylor Ferris2007: Wayne goes to the eye doctor2008: end [...]

February 19

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1990: tell David "no" and he cries and sulks1994: boys give Steven sled rides in yard1996: Becky plays Beethoven Sonata [...]

February 18

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1982: set 11:30 PM curfew for school nights1990: David locks Brad in bathroom, Weston bites Brad during church meetings1994: report [...]

February 15

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1982: Burger King and rollerskating date1997: can't find bolts for retaining wall1998: eliminate electronics on Sundays2003: David loses both matches [...]

February 14

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1982: Dad's "interview" with Wayne1985: Wayne called as Elder's quorum secretary in Clearfield1988: speak in Sacrament Meetings - Weston sings [...]

February 12

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1982: Wayne and Becky attend recital1988: watch Wayne ski2005: Brad and Jeff place 3rd at districts - exciting!2008: FCAT Writes [...]

February 10

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1982: another study date1989: Brad walks1991: Jeff walks2000: start 3rd year of Day Camp2006: regionals - Jeff's sophomore year record [...]

February 9

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1982: study date at library - "surprise" is invitation to Valentine's Dance1991: burn pie crust, pyrex pie plate breaks2002: first [...]

February 8

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1985: temple trip to Ogden - Hilton dinner (won from apartment complex drawing) - blizzard1986: wash new car in below [...]

February 4

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1996: Becky called as Primary 2nd Counselor in Antioch1999: Pinewood Derby2005: bring home balloons after CES dinner/broadcast with Elder Scott2006: [...]

February 3

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1986: Weston's first dentist visit (due to fall)1989: overnight date - write mission statements1990: buy gray suitcases - David will [...]

February 2

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1985: David laughs1990: $1,000 bonus from IOMEGA1998: cousin Will Whitaker born2001: Wayne's bottom braces on2008: Jeff placed 3rd at district [...]