December 11

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1988: microwave disaster - turn roast into charcoal1991: Uncle Mike Whitaker's funeral1992: Misti's bridal shower2003: Steven's 5th grade play - [...]

December 8

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2003: Michelle gives FHE lesson on Word of Wisdom2005: bus is a no-show - Mom drives wrestlers to Chamberlain2009: Relief [...]

December 3

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1980: luncheon for Kimball Scholars1992: FHE group meets at our house2003: Brad wrestles at Armwood (forfeit king again)2005: Bloomingdale places [...]

December 2

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1984: Wayne called as Scout Comittee Chairman in Clearfield1992: Brad and Jeff make graham cracker houses2000: trip to Orlando Temple [...]

November 30

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1985: Weston helps with microfilm reader in Salt Lake Ciety2004: Mom, Steven and Michelle play Lego Creator while Dad, Jeff [...]

November 20

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1983: Wayne called as assistant ward clerk (historical) in BYU ward2004: AP Rendezvous at Lithia Springs - "survival" activity2007: Jeff [...]

November 10

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1999: cousin Genieva Beckstrand born2002: regional conference with President Monson2004: Steven passes Tenderfoot board of review2007: Bloomingdale pre-season team tournament [...]

July 14

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1978: Becky passes driving test with a 731984: pick cherries at welfare farm1991: Wayne teaches 13 year old Sunday School [...]

May 11

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1937: Grandpa Shelley Beckstrand born1979: Becky's first date - roller skating with Jon Forsyth, Paul Hughes and Marti Thompson1983: snow [...]

April 21

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1977: Becky has painful cramps on way home from in-the-car training - good Samaritans (the Hills) are an answer to [...]

March 17

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1990: Wayne hikes Logan Caves with Explorers1995: locksmith opens Weston and David's bedroom door - they have to pay for [...]