December 29

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1992: Julie's wedding in Seattle2000: enjoy visit from Kevin's family2003: David, Brad, Jeff trip to Daytona - crystal shelf crashes2005: [...]

December 28

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1984: cook first turkey dinner1989: Greg's wedding - Brad breaks his leg climbing bunk bed2004: Brad & Jeff attend wrestling [...]

October 12

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1985: BYU homecoming football game - Weston says "Go Cougars!"1991: fathers and sons campout2001: David takes breakfast burritoes to seminary2006: [...]

October 11

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1984: Weston says "Amen" and "Touchdown!"1992: Julie announces engagement to Jeff Christensen1998: Wayne called as Executive Secretary in Antioch2004: Elder [...]

September 15

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1990: White's 50th wedding anniversary celebration in Boise2004: Allie McFee spends night - no school tomorrow for Rosh Hoshana2007: Dad, [...]

September 8

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2001: Avocado Crème with mint leaves - YUCK!!! (first time)2003: Grandpa Beckstrand walks Steven and Michelle to the bus stop2006: [...]

September 2

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1961: Shelley Beckstrand and Judith White married in the Los Angeles Temple1984: Weston cuts two new teeth1991: finish re-doing kitchen [...]