September 28

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1968: Wayne's baptism day1980: Becky called as choir director for BYU ward1985: Becky sings in Salt Lake Tabernacle for general [...]

September 21

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1982: discouraging health insurance news1985: visit Ogden Nature Center - eat lunch in the tree house1999: cousin Jacob Christensen born2001: [...]

September 19

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1939: Marilyn Blanche Hug born1998: Weston attends stake dance2002: 3 AM doorbell - neighbor dies of heart attack2005: Wayne gets [...]

September 2

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1961: Shelley Beckstrand and Judith White married in the Los Angeles Temple1984: Weston cuts two new teeth1991: finish re-doing kitchen [...]

August 13

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1985: Martin reunion in Snowbird1989: White reunion - David guesses number of gumdrops in the jar1994: cousin Shelly Whitaker born2003: [...]

August 1

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1991: Grand Teton vacation - botched hotel reservation (credit card expired July 31st)1998: Stinson Beach with Beckstrand's2004: 8 people (immediate [...]

July 31

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1992: TWA fiasco (Becky and four boys spend night in airport with no cash)1993: home from Great Basin National Park1994: [...]

July 25

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1984: Weston falls out of crib2002: visit Palmyra and other sites2004: arrive in Nauvoo - visit Aunt Joan & Uncle [...]

July 22

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1995: drive to Yosemite National Park2002: Jeff likes to say "It would be my pleasure."2004: hike Mt. Timp/visit Timpanogos Cave2008: [...]

July 20

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1994: househunting trip in Antioch1999: Beckstrand's here - Wayne set apart for high council2004: Whitaker reunion temple session at Jordan [...]