December 26

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1983: Weston's first tooth and first haircut1998: Wayne, Weston, David - leave for Colorado ski trip2001: Beckstrand's and Hiatt's visit2004: [...]

December 19

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1981: Becky stays with Auntie, visits Whitaker's2002: Steven takes cinnamon rolls to school2003: Steven takes brownies to school - TechData [...]

November 23

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1983: Julie babysits Weston - Mom & Dad take us & Kevin to Marie Callendar's Restaurant1993: Weston's class party for [...]

November 15

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1984: Wayne accepts IOMEGA job1985: Jesse and Louise for dinner - announce engagement1986: Weston has tantrum over purple pajamas in [...]

October 19

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1988: rug (water) + box (boat) + Mom (motor) = easy bedtime1997: David gives sacrament meeting talk on example2001: Steven [...]

September 10

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1982: dinner at Williamson's - Kristen announces engagement1983: get up at 5 AM to get football season tickets1995: Becky called [...]

September 9

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1932: William Whitaker born1980: Becky meets President Kimball after BYU devotional1997: Steven wins "worst son ever award" after producing a [...]

August 23

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1963: Aunt Vicki Whitaker's birthday1983: Weston meets White great-grandparents1997: Brad and Jeff score goals - Brad is first "Player of [...]

August 22

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1982: leave Hyatt House - check in at dumpy Fireside Motel1986: Weston rides horse bareback1987: Lagoon Day2004: Weston's "homecoming" and [...]