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1997: Weston makes JV soccer team at Deer Valley1999: David makes JV soccer team at Dear Valley2006: David's laptop arrives2009: [...]

November 9

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1982: positive pregnancy test (Weston)1996: David's soccer team wins first place2003: Becky gives Relief Society lesson on strengthening families2006: Jeff [...]

October 30

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1986: haircuts for boys1993: hang cabinet in boys' bathroom - Done!1998: Weston and David win soccer game 6-1 (Weston 4 [...]

September 18

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1983: Becky called as ward pianist in Wymount Terrace ward1992: Jeff finishes speech therapy1999: Michelle's soccer coach brings birthday cake [...]

September 13

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1985: move to North Ogden1995: Becky on School Site Council at John Muir Elementary - curriculum review team1995: Weston's first [...]

August 26

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1986: drive to Bryce Canyon National Park1995: four soccer games2001: father's blessings - Weston released as stake missionary2004: David flies [...]

August 23

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1963: Aunt Vicki Whitaker's birthday1983: Weston meets White great-grandparents1997: Brad and Jeff score goals - Brad is first "Player of [...]

August 19

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1988: drive to Montana - condo with the Whitaker's1989: Riverdale ward campout1995: Steven - "Go Green Guys" - Weston's soccer [...]

May 14

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1992: finish city soccer season - Weston loved it!1994: practice organ in Ogden Tabernacle (finding switch to turn it on [...]