Son of Man

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Almost a year ago I realized I should make time to go through the "Jesus Christ" scriptures in the Topical [...]

GCBC – Elder Scott

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General Conference Book Club - Week Two(You can find Week One here.)This time around, we're going through the conference talks [...]

“I will preserve you.”

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Last night we read Isaiah 41 for family scripture study. The chapter heading included the phrase "To Israel the Lord [...]


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Revelation 4-5Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to teach seminary for a day. They've made it to Revelation and [...]

Ether 1-7

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Ether 1Prayer is important. “Cry unto the Lord.” “Cry again unto the Lord.” “Inquire of the Lord.”Ether 2We live in [...]

3 Nephi 9-16

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Week 233 Nephi 9Come unto the Savior as a little child. Observe how children act – observe their honesty, candor, [...]