November 24

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1984: move to Clearfield, Utah1988: Thanksgiving in Seattle - visit Bowen's1989: Thanksgiving in Seattle - visit Bowen's1990: Thanksgiving in Seattle [...]

November 18

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1962: Uncle Jesse Hiatt's birthday1984: Weston starts nursery2003: Becky goes to the dentist2005: Brad has a busy day - honor [...]

November 12

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1987: don't get the government job1989: Weston starts reading the Old Testament1993: report card day - all great - to [...]

November 9

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1982: positive pregnancy test (Weston)1996: David's soccer team wins first place2003: Becky gives Relief Society lesson on strengthening families2006: Jeff [...]

October 28

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1993: Weston gives speech in school on his favorite food - Cherry Cheesecake2003: Becky helps at Burn's Book Fair - [...]

October 24

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1986: Weston and David get money in Halloween cards - go to McDonald's1993: Jeff's friend Blake Clifford dies1997: Brad only [...]

October 22

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1996: David at Outdoor Education2002: Michelle starts AGP (gifted class)2006: daddy-daughter date to Blimpie's2009: Brad's laptop is delivered

October 21

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1978: Becky locks Holly and keys in truck at grocery store1982: negative pregnancy test (was false)1995: Outback dinner date in [...]

October 20

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1999: Steven's Brown Bear Factory field trip to San Francisco2005: Brad notified he's on Senior "hall of fame"2007: David sets [...]