My Dad

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Looking at past posts, it seems I do fairly well at remembering Mother's Day, but Father's Day is another [...]

A Question

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This week in the Deacons/Teachers quorum class, they were discussing the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood. One of the boys wondered [...]

December 22

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1986: IOMEGA party at Trimble's1987: cousin Brett Whitaker born1996: David ordained a deacon2002: ward caroling with the Alger's2003: David home [...]

July 18

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1982: Becky's temple recommend interview with Bishop Brockbank1996: Michelle says "Squirrel go away"1999: Wayne ordained a high priest2003: power goes [...]

July 13

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1986: gorgeous rainbow - fill out MBA application2003: David ordained an elder by Wayne - helps out with first blessing [...]

July 1

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1984: drive 6 hour loop through mountains1986: water skiing on Lake Chelan (in Washington)1992: leave for New York via Kansas1993: [...]

June 14

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1986: rent a row boat at East Canyon Reservoir1988: Stola family over for dinner1989: hike in Grand Wash at Capitol [...]

June 12

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1987: camp at mosquito-infested Willard Bay1996: Jeff and Laura Simmons help pick strawberries - Ken Firmage impressed with Weston's testimony1999: [...]