December 21

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1987: receive 9.6% raise at IOMEGA1991: Wayne injures knee while skiing with Julie2004: choir sings at combined sacrament meeting with [...]

December 18

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1962: Uncle George Beckstrand's birthday1997: David's finger broken in PE class2004: poured concrete - picked up Weston at airport2005: Steven [...]

December 12

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1982: decide on Michelle for baby girl's name1985: Wayne's blood pressure too high - also anemic1988: Brad's first tooth1987: move [...]

November 27

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1983: take 5 generation picture - visit Temple Square1997: Whitaker reunion and family portrait2003: Kevin's family visits for Thanksgiving2006: All-County [...]

November 6

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1993: start framing basement in South Weber1997: paint curved wall to cover David's "hole"2001: Michelle learns to swim2003: Brad goes [...]

November 5

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1984: interview with IOMEGA1985: learn that President Kimball died listening to radio driving home after Grandpa Whitaker's funeral2003: Orlando AFP [...]

October 14

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1984: Sunday drive - Mt. Nebo Scenic Loop1988: Brad pulls himself up to stand1995: Weston plays piano solo in ward [...]

September 22

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1987: Weston starts story time at the library2003: Becky accompanies Kelly Sherman at Tampa Mission Conference2004: Wayne's first visit to [...]

September 16

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1981: Becky starts organ lessons with Doug Bush at BYU1997: Joy School at our house2000: Relief Society trip to Orlando [...]