December 3

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1980: luncheon for Kimball Scholars1992: FHE group meets at our house2003: Brad wrestles at Armwood (forfeit king again)2005: Bloomingdale places [...]

November 3

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1992: positive pregnancy test (Steven)2001: attend temple with Claude and Brenda Scee2002: Jeff "caws" and translates - David's Eagle Board [...]

September 30

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1984: Weston breaks figurine at great-grandparents Whitaker's2004: Steven comes home from school with 102.6° fever2008: temple trip for initiatories with [...]

September 24

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1983: Weston frightened by noise at the BYU football game2003: "Chocolate Oscar" night - Deacon's "lego" baptism adventure premieres - [...]

September 16

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1981: Becky starts organ lessons with Doug Bush at BYU1997: Joy School at our house2000: Relief Society trip to Orlando [...]

September 14

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1994: Wayne buys new stereo system2004: HFPE night - learn Mary Ann Saunders likes the Side-tracked Home Executive housecleaning system [...]

September 7

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1986: decide to start job hunting1996: "TP"ed - 2 AM water running2002: David's Eagle project - install flag pole at [...]

September 1

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2001: visit Fort de Soto Park2003: family Labor Day hike - Alafia River Corridor Preserve2004: David enters Provo MTC2006: Jeff [...]

August 31

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1960: Wayne Orson Whitaker born in Provo, Utah1990: Prairie Schooner dinner with Mom & Dad Beckstrand - Richard babysits - [...]

August 22

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1982: leave Hyatt House - check in at dumpy Fireside Motel1986: Weston rides horse bareback1987: Lagoon Day2004: Weston's "homecoming" and [...]

July 17

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1987: David gets 7 stitches in forehead1999: Weston and David participate in Oakland Temple Pageant2002: Weston to MTC - Becky [...]

July 11

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1987: buy dresser and mirror for boys1994: start work at Clorox1998: drive home from Kings Canyon National Park1999: Wayne called [...]