October 5

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1995: Jeff screams "I'm having a terrible day!"2003: Mackey's and Sister Bowman watch general conference with us2005: Priest/Laurel scavenger hunt [...]

August 21

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1977: Becky called as MiaMaid president1998: hassles with truck smog inspection - $700 in repairs2004: Brad's Eagle Court of Honor [...]

July 8

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1986: messes - spilled koolaid, bubbles on porch, watermelon seeds2004: Becky to doctor for stomach pain2008: Jeff successfully proposes - [...]

April 22

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1985: new apartment manages in Clearfield finally fix stuff1989: Weston's report card dinner2005: sometime in late April Weston drives home [...]

January 3

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1962: as a joke, Becky known as baby "Knut" (hard K) before she was born, from Beckstrand genealogy2004: David asks, [...]