October 23

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1982: Kevin and Greg for lunch then football game1983: Wayne to emergency for 105° fever - dying preferable to pain2005: [...]

October 20

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1999: Steven's Brown Bear Factory field trip to San Francisco2005: Brad notified he's on Senior "hall of fame"2007: David sets [...]

October 15

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1983: Wayne earns trip to BYU locker room during football game with Bishop Darrington (gets Steve Young's autograph)2004: campgrounds closed [...]

October 12

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1985: BYU homecoming football game - Weston says "Go Cougars!"1991: fathers and sons campout2001: David takes breakfast burritoes to seminary2006: [...]

October 6

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1999: Jeff accepted into GATE (gifted and talented education) program2001: Frosted Avocado Crème with maraschino cherries - time #22003: Michelle [...]

October 1

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1995: Michelle starts walking - when she yells "Mama!" it means "rescue me from my brothers"1999: Weston's 40 yard run [...]

September 24

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1983: Weston frightened by noise at the BYU football game2003: "Chocolate Oscar" night - Deacon's "lego" baptism adventure premieres - [...]