December 20

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1996: Wayne interviews with Fritz Company2002: ward temple night2004: first day of winter break2006: Michelle attends High School Musical Concert [...]

November 15

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1984: Wayne accepts IOMEGA job1985: Jesse and Louise for dinner - announce engagement1986: Weston has tantrum over purple pajamas in [...]

November 7

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1968: Aunt Tamara Beckstrand born1980: "Buddy Date" with Laurence Packer2000: part of Florida's infamous "chad" election - car timing belt [...]

November 5

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1984: interview with IOMEGA1985: learn that President Kimball died listening to radio driving home after Grandpa Whitaker's funeral2003: Orlando AFP [...]

November 1

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1990: car troubles - replace carbureator2003: Michelle goes to Stephanie Ellison's 9th birthday party2010: Wayne starts work at Oxbow

October 1

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1995: Michelle starts walking - when she yells "Mama!" it means "rescue me from my brothers"1999: Weston's 40 yard run [...]

September 7

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1986: decide to start job hunting1996: "TP"ed - 2 AM water running2002: David's Eagle project - install flag pole at [...]

September 3

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1984: Wayne flies to San Diego to interview with First Interstate Bank1999: camp in Oakland - Weston comes after football2000: [...]

August 30

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1983: move to Wymount Terrace (apartment 10B-574)2004: Weston gets refereeing job at BYU2008: rain from Hurricane Gustav's outer bands cuts [...]

August 27

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1981: Becky 4 wisdom teeth pulled1982: wedding open house in Seattle1984: can tomatoes from garden2004: Brad and Jeff move dirt [...]