December 23

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1987: Weston threw tantrum at dentist office1989: Whitaker's arrive - Kevin and Lori stay with us2002: FHE at the Slovacek's2004: [...]

September 30

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1984: Weston breaks figurine at great-grandparents Whitaker's2004: Steven comes home from school with 102.6° fever2008: temple trip for initiatories with [...]

February 24

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1985: David's eardrum bursts in Sacrament Meeting1986: FHE - Weston says "Jesus loves me. He talkes to me."1997: Brad throws [...]

January 19

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1984: Weston's crying wakes up neighbors1987: Weston cleans room - "Now I can make a mess." - cleans room again1997: [...]