September 3

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1984: Wayne flies to San Diego to interview with First Interstate Bank1999: camp in Oakland - Weston comes after football2000: [...]

July 22

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1995: drive to Yosemite National Park2002: Jeff likes to say "It would be my pleasure."2004: hike Mt. Timp/visit Timpanogos Cave2008: [...]

July 12

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1986: buy dinette table and chairs1992: Wayne home to Utah, rest of the family stays in New York1995: Michelle falls [...]

June 22

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1979: Vernard and Ethel Beckstrand's 50th anniversary party1988: new MBA classes - Human Resource Management1998: day camp starts2002: Weston receives [...]

June 11

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1978: Becky has pneumonia - misses finals1988: pick up Wayne from ELI training in Logan1993: Steven Todd Whitaker born 5:39 [...]

June 1

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1979: Becky attend Junior Prom1986: visit Peter Whitmer Farm1990: Zion National Park vacation1991: Weston's first den meeting1995: David receives his [...]

May 17

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1985: discover apartment manager Eileen Meiners is Lorraine Wallwork's sister1992: Brad finally stops calling Sunbeam teacher names1993: Wayne foot operation1999: [...]

March 19

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1982: Wayne and Becky date to see "Chariots of Fire" movie1988: Bradley Michael Whitaker born at 3:40 PM - 9 [...]

February 26

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1986: David initiates tickling sessions1999: Becky repairs oven on own - new element2000: EFY internet sign-ups - David in but [...]

February 19

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1990: tell David "no" and he cries and sulks1994: boys give Steven sled rides in yard1996: Becky plays Beethoven Sonata [...]

February 12

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1982: Wayne and Becky attend recital1988: watch Wayne ski2005: Brad and Jeff place 3rd at districts - exciting!2008: FCAT Writes [...]