December 25

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1984: assemble rocking horse before drive to Provo1986: Weston passes out presents - jumps: "for me?!"1990: no company - Great! [...]

November 13

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1983: Weston chokes on paper and scares Mom1984: Weston mops the floor1988: Wayne helps in nursery - not too bad!2003: [...]

October 29

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1993: Brad prays "Thank you for blessings and opportunities of gospel"2004: run laps - Brad 12 miles, Jeff 9 miles2008: [...]

October 19

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1988: rug (water) + box (boat) + Mom (motor) = easy bedtime1997: David gives sacrament meeting talk on example2001: Steven [...]

October 11

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1984: Weston says "Amen" and "Touchdown!"1992: Julie announces engagement to Jeff Christensen1998: Wayne called as Executive Secretary in Antioch2004: Elder [...]

July 22

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1995: drive to Yosemite National Park2002: Jeff likes to say "It would be my pleasure."2004: hike Mt. Timp/visit Timpanogos Cave2008: [...]

July 18

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1982: Becky's temple recommend interview with Bishop Brockbank1996: Michelle says "Squirrel go away"1999: Wayne ordained a high priest2003: power goes [...]

July 15

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1990: Becky released as a Primary counselor (Riverdale)1996: Steven says "I get to hike the mountains."2004: David dentist visit - [...]

March 16

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1985: apartment hunting1990: "David is strong because liver and spinach are his favorite foods."1993: take Brad and Jeff to Temple [...]

February 26

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1986: David initiates tickling sessions1999: Becky repairs oven on own - new element2000: EFY internet sign-ups - David in but [...]

February 19

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1990: tell David "no" and he cries and sulks1994: boys give Steven sled rides in yard1996: Becky plays Beethoven Sonata [...]

January 24

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1988: Weston invents game using dice and Popoids2004: David finishes pressure washing driveway2006: start reading El Libro de Mormon for [...]