Stomp Rockets

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Cub Scouts is the activity program for the Primary, at least for the boys who are 8, 9 and 10, [...]

December 16

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1984: Becky called as Relief Society chorister in Clearfield2000: Weston's Eagle project food drive2003: Steven's pack carols at convalescent center2009: [...]

October 19

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1988: rug (water) + box (boat) + Mom (motor) = easy bedtime1997: David gives sacrament meeting talk on example2001: Steven [...]

October 7

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1983: Weston starts crawling1998: Weston starts driving1999: Jeff receives Bear rank at pack meeting2001: President Hinckley gives talk on lowering [...]

September 21

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1982: discouraging health insurance news1985: visit Ogden Nature Center - eat lunch in the tree house1999: cousin Jacob Christensen born2001: [...]

August 17

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1984: Wayne and Becky (and Grandma Beckstrand and Uncle Kevin) graduate from BYU1985: Lagoon Day - David discovers soda in [...]

June 18

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1986: Aunt Cheri spends night - enjoys spirit of home1988: Wayne buys glasses and new suit2001: Steven attends Day Camp2008: [...]

June 1

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1979: Becky attend Junior Prom1986: visit Peter Whitmer Farm1990: Zion National Park vacation1991: Weston's first den meeting1995: David receives his [...]

March 16

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1985: apartment hunting1990: "David is strong because liver and spinach are his favorite foods."1993: take Brad and Jeff to Temple [...]