January 24

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1988: Weston invents game using dice and Popoids2004: David finishes pressure washing driveway2006: start reading El Libro de Mormon for [...]

January 23

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1990: Brad to baby Jeff - "Hold him?"1995: David kicks hole in wall when mad2002: David pins wrestling opponent - [...]

January 20

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1996: dig post holes for retaining wall2002: Jeff ordained a deacon by Wayne2004: last Pinewood Derby - #15!2007: Michelle sings [...]

January 18

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1985: yummy Beef Bourgignone for dinner1988: English heritage FHE1992: Jeff falls off stool, needs 2 stitches1998: Jeff interview with Bishop [...]

January 16

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2004: Dinner at Perkins Restaurant after temple session - "random act of kindness"2006: no school - see 4th Harry Potter [...]

January 15

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1982: Louise home from Australia1992: Jeff starts speech therapy with "B" sounds1993: 5 of 15 Cub Scouts attend den meeting [...]

January 6

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1988: meet Heidi Allan at Relief Society Homemaking1990: cousin Rebbeca Beckstrand born1991: Becky adds 10 piano students for 17 total2005: [...]

January 5

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1983: GPA of 3.48 is devastating news - need 3.50 for scholarship1988: Wayne starts new MBA classes2002: Avacado Créme and [...]

January 4

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1984: Gary and Sally Reynolds come to dinner1986: purchase Vista 4WD car2005: tour Kohunlich Mayan ruins with Kevin and Lori