Brad’s Birthday

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Brad's birthday often occurs during Spring Break. This year was no exception. And since he was spending part of his [...]

April 11

By |2019-05-04T21:15:48-04:00April 11th, 2010|Family Almanac|

1990: cousin Russell Hiatt born1993: Easter is on Fast Sunday so Weston and David choose to fast on Saturday2004: Wayne [...]

March 25

By |2019-05-04T21:05:25-04:00March 25th, 2010|Family Almanac|

1918: Great-Grandma Dorothy Gertrude Wilson White born1996: cousin Alison Hiatt born (still-born)2000: Weston, David, Brad youth trip to Fresno Temple2003: [...]

March 21

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1997: interview with The Gap - Wayne frustrated with job search1999: Becky called as Relief Society secretary in Antioch1999: cousin [...]

March 20

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1988: Wayne says should have named Brad Nephi for trials with older brothers1990: cousin Amy Whitaker born2007: canoe trip at [...]

March 19

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1982: Wayne and Becky date to see "Chariots of Fire" movie1988: Bradley Michael Whitaker born at 3:40 PM - 9 [...]

March 8

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1993: cousin Tori Whitaker born1997: Brigg's adoption shower, laugh until it hurts2001: put on driveway sealer in Pembroke Pines2008: Steven's [...]

February 17

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1992: cousin Aislynn Beckstrand born1994: positive pregnancy test - Weston wins Geography Bee and receives award (world map and savings [...]

February 2

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1985: David laughs1990: $1,000 bonus from IOMEGA1998: cousin Will Whitaker born2001: Wayne's bottom braces on2008: Jeff placed 3rd at district [...]