April 6

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1988: Wayne called as Young Men's President in Riverdale1992: deliver quilt for FHE activity1997: Krey family for lunch and general [...]

March 22

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1986: drive to Lakeside (near Great Salt Lake) - car gets stuck in the sand1990: Wayne reaches 154 pounds - [...]

March 21

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1997: interview with The Gap - Wayne frustrated with job search1999: Becky called as Relief Society secretary in Antioch1999: cousin [...]

March 6

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1982: Becky receives father's blessing1988: Becky called as Primary chorister in Riverdale Ward1991: Weston and David climb out of church [...]

February 16

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1992: Wayne called as Elder's quorum 2nd counselor in South Weber1996: get out housecleaning 3x5 card system again2000: master bedroom [...]

February 14

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1982: Dad's "interview" with Wayne1985: Wayne called as Elder's quorum secretary in Clearfield1988: speak in Sacrament Meetings - Weston sings [...]

February 4

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1996: Becky called as Primary 2nd Counselor in Antioch1999: Pinewood Derby2005: bring home balloons after CES dinner/broadcast with Elder Scott2006: [...]

February 1

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1995: David earns bike2004: stake conference - Satler's for dinner2007: Jeff's braces off2009: Wayne set apart as high councilor - [...]

January 25

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1994: Brad learns to ride a two-wheeled bike2004: Jeff switches gum on Dad - tricks David in "pillow fight"2008: Jeff [...]

January 10

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1986: visit Temple Square - Weston remembers FHE lesson on baptism when seeing one of the displays1998: Wayne called to [...]

January 6

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1988: meet Heidi Allan at Relief Society Homemaking1990: cousin Rebbeca Beckstrand born1991: Becky adds 10 piano students for 17 total2005: [...]