July 20

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1994: househunting trip in Antioch1999: Beckstrand's here - Wayne set apart for high council2004: Whitaker reunion temple session at Jordan [...]

July 15

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1990: Becky released as a Primary counselor (Riverdale)1996: Steven says "I get to hike the mountains."2004: David dentist visit - [...]

July 14

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1978: Becky passes driving test with a 731984: pick cherries at welfare farm1991: Wayne teaches 13 year old Sunday School [...]

July 11

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1987: buy dresser and mirror for boys1994: start work at Clorox1998: drive home from Kings Canyon National Park1999: Wayne called [...]

June 25

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1982: visit Wayne's family1984: Weston pulls chair on himself, then falls down 3 steps - TIRED1986: Becky called as Primary [...]

May 31

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1986: make a cat cake for Weston and Holly2002: 1st day of summer vacation - Steven's plan for "school"2004: Memorial [...]

May 30

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1983: picnic at Squaw Peak campground - flooded Provo River1995: Steven still a mommy's boy2003: David's graduation dinner at Longhorn [...]

May 20

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1983: hiccups make Weston indignant1986: fly to New York for Louise's wedding1987: Primary activity - "Honestyville"1989: Weston wears tuxedo in [...]

May 16

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1983: Weston Orson Whitaker born at 10:42 AM in Provo - 7 pounds 8 ounces, 19 1/2"1985: Becky and Wayne [...]

May 11

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1937: Grandpa Shelley Beckstrand born1979: Becky's first date - roller skating with Jon Forsyth, Paul Hughes and Marti Thompson1983: snow [...]

May 7

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1995: Becky called as ward organist in Antioch1996: take kids to Contra Loma Reservoir - Michelle loves it1997: count Waldo [...]

April 21

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1977: Becky has painful cramps on way home from in-the-car training - good Samaritans (the Hills) are an answer to [...]