October 11

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1984: Weston says "Amen" and "Touchdown!"1992: Julie announces engagement to Jeff Christensen1998: Wayne called as Executive Secretary in Antioch2004: Elder [...]

October 10

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1984: Becky set apart as ward music chairman2004: Bishop's fireside - Sister Fluckiger talks about music2007: Valrico Ward's "Spirit of [...]

September 28

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1968: Wayne's baptism day1980: Becky called as choir director for BYU ward1985: Becky sings in Salt Lake Tabernacle for general [...]

September 18

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1983: Becky called as ward pianist in Wymount Terrace ward1992: Jeff finishes speech therapy1999: Michelle's soccer coach brings birthday cake [...]

September 10

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1982: dinner at Williamson's - Kristen announces engagement1983: get up at 5 AM to get football season tickets1995: Becky called [...]

September 7

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1986: decide to start job hunting1996: "TP"ed - 2 AM water running2002: David's Eagle project - install flag pole at [...]

September 4

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1995: Wayne called as Priest advisor in Antioch1996: Whitaker's visit for retirement "househunting" trip2004: watch and wait for Hurrican Frances [...]

August 26

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1986: drive to Bryce Canyon National Park1995: four soccer games2001: father's blessings - Weston released as stake missionary2004: David flies [...]

August 21

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1977: Becky called as MiaMaid president1998: hassles with truck smog inspection - $700 in repairs2004: Brad's Eagle Court of Honor [...]

August 7

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1963: Aunt Louise Beckstrand born1977: Becky has testimony the Church is true - set apart as ward organist in Hollister [...]

August 5

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1990: Becky called as Homemaking Leader in Riverdale Ward1996: David thinks he needs new shoes, Mom doesn't2004: Jeff starts high [...]