December 25

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1984: assemble rocking horse before drive to Provo1986: Weston passes out presents - jumps: "for me?!"1990: no company - Great! [...]

December 16

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1984: Becky called as Relief Society chorister in Clearfield2000: Weston's Eagle project food drive2003: Steven's pack carols at convalescent center2009: [...]

December 2

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1984: Wayne called as Scout Comittee Chairman in Clearfield1992: Brad and Jeff make graham cracker houses2000: trip to Orlando Temple [...]

December 1

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2002: Wayne conducts first sacrament meeting with black eye from football2003: ortho appointment in Miami - Becky goes with Wayne2005: [...]

November 23

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1983: Julie babysits Weston - Mom & Dad take us & Kevin to Marie Callendar's Restaurant1993: Weston's class party for [...]

November 20

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1983: Wayne called as assistant ward clerk (historical) in BYU ward2004: AP Rendezvous at Lithia Springs - "survival" activity2007: Jeff [...]

November 16

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1982: Wayne had a miracle occur1984: find apartment to rent in Clearfield1986: Becky called as choir director in Ogden1996: Becky [...]

November 2

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1998: Jeff receives first pair of glasses this week2001: visit Dad in St. Petersburg - see "Monsters, Inc." movie2002: Wayne [...]

October 13

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1977: Becky gets her braces on1985: Becky called to nursery in Ogden1991: Becky called as ward organist in South Weber2000: [...]

October 11

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1984: Weston says "Amen" and "Touchdown!"1992: Julie announces engagement to Jeff Christensen1998: Wayne called as Executive Secretary in Antioch2004: Elder [...]