May 20

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1983: hiccups make Weston indignant1986: fly to New York for Louise's wedding1987: Primary activity - "Honestyville"1989: Weston wears tuxedo in [...]

May 17

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1985: discover apartment manager Eileen Meiners is Lorraine Wallwork's sister1992: Brad finally stops calling Sunbeam teacher names1993: Wayne foot operation1999: [...]

May 7

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1995: Becky called as ward organist in Antioch1996: take kids to Contra Loma Reservoir - Michelle loves it1997: count Waldo [...]

April 29

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1985: pick up Uncle Scott at the airport1989: attend Uncle Greg's army commission ceremony1995: Chapel Appreciation Day - clean kitchen [...]

April 17

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1987: camp at Crystal Hot Springs - first time with two tents1990: David has strep throat1999: remove sagging fence with [...]

March 13

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2004: project day - Jeff piñata for Spanish class, Steven pinewood derby car2006: FHE - attend Michelle's 6th grade chorus [...]

February 28

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1982: dinner with Bruce and Jeannie Bassett2001: Michelle's class works on state reports - Mom helps2006: celebrate International Pancake Day [...]

February 26

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1986: David initiates tickling sessions1999: Becky repairs oven on own - new element2000: EFY internet sign-ups - David in but [...]

February 9

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1982: study date at library - "surprise" is invitation to Valentine's Dance1991: burn pie crust, pyrex pie plate breaks2002: first [...]

February 8

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1985: temple trip to Ogden - Hilton dinner (won from apartment complex drawing) - blizzard1986: wash new car in below [...]

January 20

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1996: dig post holes for retaining wall2002: Jeff ordained a deacon by Wayne2004: last Pinewood Derby - #15!2007: Michelle sings [...]