July 7

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1984: Great-grandma White's funeral1986: Weston waterskis in bathtub2002: truck battery died2006: fender bender in Memphis, Tennessee2007: stop at Lodge outlet [...]

July 1

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1984: drive 6 hour loop through mountains1986: water skiing on Lake Chelan (in Washington)1992: leave for New York via Kansas1993: [...]

June 25

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1982: visit Wayne's family1984: Weston pulls chair on himself, then falls down 3 steps - TIRED1986: Becky called as Primary [...]

June 16

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1984: 7 mile hike below Mt. Timpanagos1989: Wayne's overnight "adventure" in Capitol Reef1991: family speaks in Riverdale Ward2001: buy Malibu [...]

June 7

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1986: Hiatt picnic in Orem1989: positive pregnancy test (Jeff)1996: Park Jr. High Awards - Weston 4.0 & Outstanding Math Student2001: [...]

April 21

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1977: Becky has painful cramps on way home from in-the-car training - good Samaritans (the Hills) are an answer to [...]

April 2

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1992: Weston accepted into Spectrum program - accept1993: David accepted into Spectrum program - decline1994: both accepted into Spectrum program [...]

February 14

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1982: Dad's "interview" with Wayne1985: Wayne called as Elder's quorum secretary in Clearfield1988: speak in Sacrament Meetings - Weston sings [...]

January 26

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1985: buy washer and dryer - no more laundromats1990: take Jeff to Weston's first grade class for "show and tell" [...]

January 19

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1984: Weston's crying wakes up neighbors1987: Weston cleans room - "Now I can make a mess." - cleans room again1997: [...]

January 4

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1984: Gary and Sally Reynolds come to dinner1986: purchase Vista 4WD car2005: tour Kohunlich Mayan ruins with Kevin and Lori