November 26

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1981: Thanksgiving with White's - Great Grandma crumbles bread for stuffing1987: drive to Seattle for Thanksgiving1992: visit Russian ship in [...]

November 19

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2003: Steven and Michelle on Cimino "Morning Show"2004: purchase 2000 Ford Focus for Weston2005: Michelle performs in Ducktails and Bobbysox

November 11

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1986: Becky gets new contacs1997: visit Hershey Chocolate Factory2000: purchase S-10 truck for $13,360.742004: Southoak annual meeting2008: no school - [...]

November 1

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1990: car troubles - replace carbureator2003: Michelle goes to Stephanie Ellison's 9th birthday party2010: Wayne starts work at Oxbow

October 21

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1978: Becky locks Holly and keys in truck at grocery store1982: negative pregnancy test (was false)1995: Outback dinner date in [...]

October 19

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1988: rug (water) + box (boat) + Mom (motor) = easy bedtime1997: David gives sacrament meeting talk on example2001: Steven [...]

September 12

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1985: car dies during move from Clearfield1992: finish installing basement door1995: truck battery dead - Court of Honor - Weston [...]

August 31

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1960: Wayne Orson Whitaker born in Provo, Utah1990: Prairie Schooner dinner with Mom & Dad Beckstrand - Richard babysits - [...]

August 21

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1977: Becky called as MiaMaid president1998: hassles with truck smog inspection - $700 in repairs2004: Brad's Eagle Court of Honor [...]

August 20

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1982: Wayne Whitaker and Rebecca Beckstrand married in Oakland Temple1984: dinner at Westin Bonaventure in Los Angles - job interview1993: [...]

August 12

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1982: Becky's bridal shower at Dabo's1985: visit Temple Square - drop David on head1994: meet Farnworth's for the first time1995: [...]