A year has passed, which means it’s supposedly the dry season, and time to attempt the Adventure Trail again. You’ll recall that last time we started the loop going clockwise, but lost the trail after a couple of miles and retraced our steps. The plan this time was to go the other direction.

It was a beautiful day, and because this time we knew where we were going, we didn’t have any trouble arriving at our starting point, and off we started on the trail, which seemed to be a bit better maintained than it had been before. However, even wonderful park rangers have no control over Mother Nature, and this dry season wasn’t quite as dry as others. It wasn’t long before we were traipsing through ankle deep water.

We missed the first mile marker, but found the second. It was actually in a dry spot.



Got to have some proof that we’re on part of the Florida Trail.

We took the spur to the campground, but weren’t impressed with the site. I imagine it’s been quite a while since anyone has used it.

Just past that spur we found Mile Marker #3. Things are going well! Although our feet got wet, the trail was better marked than last time.

But then the blazes disappeared, the vegetation grew more dense, and the water started getting deeper. Since we have no desire to be lost in the wilderness, it was time to turn around and head back to the service road which bisects the loop.

Even that route required some wading! Fortunately, there weren’t any alligators lurking in or near the water, like there had been for the rangers earlier.

We completed the Flatwoods Trail, and explored part of the Strand Swamp Trail. The map app said we went about 5 miles, but service must have been spotty, because we figured we hiked around 7 1/2 miles. At least it correctly showed we started and ended at the same point.

Someday we’ll return to Collier-Seminole State Park to check out their campground and canoe rental. It’s a beautiful place!