or Never underestimate the power of music S (after singing the hymn last night): Mom, you forgot to turn off the piano light.
Mom: I know, I want to play a couple of songs after prayer.
M: I liked hearing you play those songs this morning. I wish that were my alarm every day.
J: Yeah, I remember waking up to Bach and Beethoven when I was in middle school. They’re my favorite composers.
Mom: Then I guess we’ll have to get you a cd to be your alarm at college.
J: I already have one, symphonies one and two! (take with a grain of salt – this is Jeff after all)

After I got out “Hear Thou the Song of my Heart” yesterday morning, I realized it really didn’t have anything to do with 1 Nephi 11, but the Lord had another purpose in having me remember it. I never would have known how much my kids remember and appreciate me playing the piano. I shouldn’t be surprised – some of my favorite childhood memories are of waking up Sunday morning to my dad playing the piano. We get to start a new early morning routine Monday. Maybe we can throw in some Bach and Beethoven at 4:45 AM!

(Have you figured out who’s who?)