I know I’ve been neglecting this blog, and I’m sorry. I haven’t forgotten all of you that want an update, so here it is.

Michelle made the JV flag football team, and is starting wide receiver. To say that keeps her busy would be an understatement, but she loves it.

I finally got around to replacing the plants we had Jeff tear out before he left two years ago. You wouldn’t think choosing bushes and flowers would be such an agonizing decision, but it is! (I didn’t “plant” the two cranes, just thought you’d like evidence of the realtor’s post – the sign came a day or two later.) Several late, late nights = a winning poster for the Science Brain Bowl competition. It was a thoroughly enjoyable event. You’ll notice Michelle has a green ribbon in her hair because it was held on St. Patrick’s Day. (She also had green laces in her shoes.) Steven said, “All true scientists know that black absorbs all colors; therefore, I am wearing green.” Their nametags, however, were green; I wonder if that was planned purposefully. Because it was long day (normal school work and a football game as well), we didn’t do anything to celebrate the holiday. That was disappointing. I guess we’ll just have to pick another day to honor our Irish heritage.

Two days off of school = manual labor. The goal on this trip to Palm Beach was to wash all the windows and finish scrubbing tile. We were successful. And since there’s no television in this empty house, we went out to dinner where we could watch the BYU vs. Gonzaga game. That was a great family activity, and one we all enjoyed.

So, that’s the update – there’s no time to be bored in our family!!