We enjoyed hiking to the Emerald Pools, but that only took part of the day, so Wayne wanted to hike another trail as well. When comparing our 1990 list of hikes with the 2015 list of hikes, he discovered a new one – the Pa’rus Trail.

Playing in the river was a favorite pastime for the boys 25 years ago as well.

So while Brad and his family took their time on the return hike (and then let Brooke play in the river for a while), the rest of us hiked down the mountain quickly and took the shuttle to the Canyon Junction stop. The Pa’rus Trail goes from there to the Visitor’s Center along the Virgin River. It was created as a bike trail, so it was all paved. The brochure said it was a 3 mile hike; however, we discovered that was a round-trip distance. Since we were only going one direction, it really was a short hike. However, it was a beautiful one and I’m glad we took it.

Back at the Visitor’s Center we waited a bit for the rest of the family to join us. Taking two cars meant we didn’t do the Emerald Pools hike at the same time, but Weston and Jeff and their families went to the lower pool and enjoyed their day in Zion as well.